Illustration / MissYucki

Another day another year, hello January, what do you say?

Things in Barcelona land have been quite busy lately, so much in fact, that I have had to take a mini break from writing about the “adventures” to actually having some, so now, I have many things to document…First up a little art.

MissYucki, hello, I haven’t seen you in quite some time! A few days ago Alba and I were asked to submit artwork to the Cape Town Tattoo Convention. There is a group gallery show happening on one of the days and our little Minx will be there seducing the tattooed folk with her pink hair and leopard print outfit, which, you know, she does on a regular basis. We don’t even have to tell her how any more. :) The exhibition is entitled “Dead Man’s Hands” which sounds creepy, and probably is, but curious too. Hop over to MissYucki’s News to see more info, if you are in Cape Town on the 25th of January why not pop into the convention and have a peek at the art!


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