Bird on a Tree

Today I had a little note in my post box telling me to hurry over to the post office to collect some goodies from dear Zosienka. I did a little jig, put my scarf on and went and demanded my package, oh yes! Then I came home and ripped it open. My address and name was filled in, inside a lovely stamp design, and on the back was a cute little “Z” fox. It’s so nice when the package is just as good as what it is keeping inside!

Inside were two little wooden birds. Each painted a lovely shade of pale winter blue, and sporting fancy gold tails. The little one is quite perky, with bright eyes and a cheeky expression, the other one is obviously a dreamer, and he is now perching on my metal baobab, with eyes closed.

Along with my two little birdies, I received a lovely card from Zosia, which featured the most delightful Christmas tree fox, truly amazing! Thanks Z and A for the Christmas wishes. We do hope to see you sometime too!

If anyone else is interested in Zosienkas lovely creations, go check out her shop!


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