Illustration / Living in Barcelona

At home in Barcelona

Say Hello to my new little house. Milos and I will be here until April, but hopefully longer :). I can’t live anywhere without unpacking a few things to make where ever I am mine, so here we are, and my new nest is now almost complete! Hurrah!

Also, I received one of my pillow cases from Envelop. Yay! I am pleased with how it turned out, and doubly pleased that I did not have to trek to the far far over the hill post office to collect it! it arrived in my postbox, or rather on top of it. Now it’s all stuffed and sitting pretty on my sofa!

Milos gave me the glass bubbles with succulents in them for my birthday, and can you spot my fish in the fish lamp (which we are hoping will not turn into a fish death trap, like the fish death trap of 2001) His name is Sushi, if he is bad we threaten to eat him. Yesterday I bought him some (still unamed) friends, they are all making fishy friends now. Good times!!


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