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Birthday Giveaway

Hello everyone,

The last little while has been crazy, and it seems like things will not be slowing down for some time. I have just moved house yet again, no don’t ask. Here is a little pic of where I live now, under the stairs like Harry Potter used to.

Cute hey?

Since the fun times that were had in the last give away I have been planning on doing another one. And what better excuse than my birthday. Yes this week is a big one for me, I turn 30, which in itself is quite traumatizing. I’m sure everyone has felt it as they get older. The things they thought they would be or have done when they get to this milestone. Well I have done things, and accomplished much, but perhaps not the things I thought I would. Well life changes you as you wander along, and really I thought that by now there would be flying cars, or at least flying skate boards, and where may I ask are the buttons that you can flip that teleport you to tropical islands?

I still feel like I am 25, although I need more coffee to stay awake :). I’m not sure which is worse? Turning 30 or not quite believing it. I will probably end up being one of those people who dress inappropriately for their age. Oh well! So be it! At least I can claim that I am an eccentric artistic cat lady (without the cats at the moment) and everyone will just bear with me.

So Celebrate with me! You know the drill leave a comment with your name, say hi, if you like you can become a fan on facebook, that would be cool! I will randomly draw a name out of a hat or some such container, and perhaps you will be lucky enough to receive this limited edition print. It’s the first time I have printed it, so you will have NUMERO UNO of an edition of 50, pretty cool if I do say so myself!

And last but not least I shall leave you with this appropriate canción by LCD Soundsystem.

18 thoughts on “Birthday Giveaway

  1. Hello Kat, I’m not wishing you a happy birthday yet since it would be two days too early. I love your illustrations so like all the others I’d be happy to win. :) I hope your cats will be with you again soon… I’m surrounded here by mine while I’m writing to you. :) All the best from Paris!

  2. Happy happy happy happy kath!!!! 30 is the new 21 :) hope it brings a new decade of love, happiness, joy and cocktails at sunset! you are so talnted – i hope to one day retire to live in one of your prints! ;)
    lots of love

  3. eej Kat happy happy joy joy birthday! Dont worry about the age, you know what old folks would say ‘those darn adults these days, they get older whenever they the heck they want to’.

    cheers! Tijmen
    btw: harry potter became world famous, you do know that eh.

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