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Miso Soup for Breakfast

I made miso soup for breakfast this morning. It takes some getting used to, well in the morning at least, but it’s uber yummy, and great if you have a hangover, which I don’t. (just so you know) I added few extra ingredients, which turned out great. In fact I’ve found that miso paste serves as a really good soup base, add a little and then plop in all your normal soup ingredients, carrots, leeks, chicken, whatever floats your soup boat…

To prepare miso soup is almost instantaneous. Boil some water in a pot, when it’s boiling add a blob of miso paste, stir, and voila, you have miso soup. For my recipe, I added a pinch of sugar, a dash of soy sauce, some greens, (cabbage, lettuce or rocket work well) and leeks. I threw in some sesame seeds on top, and had myself a yummy warm breakfast, perfect for chilly days, which, if you are in Barcelona, you will be in no doubt of the chillyness. Yes I think I will have more now. thank you.

What is your favourite soup?

3 thoughts on “Miso Soup for Breakfast

  1. I like Miso a lot, and use a powder. I add noodles but I’m not sure that’s the right thing to do. Yours sounds so good. I’m going to try it.
    Carrot soup is my other favourite.

  2. ooh I´ve never seen a Miso powder. probably keeps longer than the paste. I usually buy a tub and keep it in my fridge. Miso is also extremely yummy with seaweed and tofu… also you can make ramen with miso paste, so thats noodly too. yum yum.

    I think butternut soup is my other fav. :) Ill have to try carrot soup! Do you have a good recipe?

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