Living in Barcelona

Guitar studio

Over the past few months many things have been brewing. Milos and his family acquired a new studio in Barcelona, and we have been renovating for the past month. Things still have a way to go. I have been asked to paint a mural in the front of the studio. I’m hoping to incorporate some of the design and colours from the 100 year old tiles that are on the floor.

The studio is a two storey affair, with a mini patio. It has a lovely wooden balcony inside. We will be ordering vinyl decals for the doors and windows, and there is still a tonne of painting to happen. In the end I think we will be building a few more walls, and the kitchen needs to be redone, but it’s getting there. I had so much fun painting the birds, I hope the big mural turns out awesome!

I want to mozaic inside all the gaps where the old wall is crumbling in the patio, and on one of the walls paint a chalkboard so the kiddies waiting for lessons can scribble. We still need to install all the skirting, and are currently battling with the humidity in the walls. Stay back humidity I say! We had to buy weird paint that lets the walls breath. So in some ways I think the new studio is actually alive. Also on a random note, skirting in Spanish is called Zokolos, I have no idea if I spelled that correctly, but it has to be the strangest Spanish word I know to date.

2 thoughts on “Guitar studio

  1. Thanks Miss Z. You should try a mural. :) Its not so bad, just takes more time… I haven’t done anything really huge, and the new one I have to do may be more complicated than I imagined… arrgh perspective! :)

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