the smell of snow

Is it cold outside?

I have added this little scribble I did ages ago to my etsy shop, its a limited edition, just in time for Christmas, and it certainly has a snowy sentiment. Can you tell I’m dreaming of snow storms, snow capped mountains, icicles and frozen rivers. Yes its true! I miss the intense snowy vibe of winters in Japan, here in sunny Spain, we have to drive up into the Pyranees to experience total snow times… Which isn’t so bad considering :) I’m really looking forward to my sisters visiting us, and I think we will head up to Andorra for a weekend of snow time fun this December. I will be super sad if all the polar ice melts, what no polar bears? No icebergs, and drowned tropical islands sound like a horrible world to live in. I vote for keeping that snow around for some time yet!

We set fire in the snow I’m not done by Fever Ray.


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