Living in Barcelona

Asian Flavour A B C

Recently I was introduced to ComerJapones a website which documents all the Japanese style restaurant in Barcelona and Madrid. Ever since Japan I have been in search of the perfect ramen, which so far I have not tracked down. There is nothing better than a deliciously warm miso onion ramen or chashu ramen, on a chilly day. It warms you up from your toes and makes your tummy extremely happy, yes indeed.

After finding Shimanto on the website, I had to try what they described as “probably the best ramen in Barcelona”. We traipsed off to find the restaurant, and although we were pleasantly surprised with quite yummy ramen, it certainly is not what I was looking for. Although I think I would go back, I am still searching for the perfect miso negi ramen…

Then today Milos took me to Wagokoro, which has a 5 dot rating as opposed to the 1 dot of Shimanto, and I was blown away by the best miso soup since Japan. Super flavourful, and it made my taste buds tingle yes yum yum. The other things on the menu were delicious too, but I’m uncertain whether they warranted such expensive prices. The decor of the place was simple and tasteful. I like it when the design works so well, and the crockery was beautiful.

My favourites is still Ikkui and Big fish also makes wonderful sushi… Udon too, although SUPER commercial has a great lunch deal….but I think i shall have to delve deeper into the untapped world of Comer Japones!


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