Illustration / MissYucki

Just need to dot my i’s and draw more bunnies

Well I had a crazy day today, running from printers to gallery and then to Catalunya to wish Milo’s mom farewell, then back to the gallery… It’s amazing I haven’t lost my mind, in fact surprisingly I accomplished quite a bit today and the whole exhibition is almost complete. I’m awaiting the final details tomorrow, and then hopefully I will be relaxed enough to enjoy the opening. I’m quite nervous, as this is the first time I have exhibited for myself as opposed to MissYucki. Of course my work will have yuckiesque influences, and I’m sure you can see them in the Huge mural I painted on the wall. Well I wouldn’t have got where I am today if not for dear MissYucki, and so in some ways I see this painting as an ode to all her pink yuckiness. Sho Bcn who is hosting the exhibition is stocking some MissYucki items too, so pop in and see!

Here are some sneak peak shots of the mural process. The photos are a bit rushed, I will try to take more tomorrow night at the opening! Thanks mom for the camera, look see now I can document everything again!


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