Exhibition Preliminaries

A few of the artworks and illustrations that I am currently working on…deciding on frames etc. its quite fun figuring it all out. I have been doing a bit of painting with acrylic and ink, which I am loving. I bought some new blues, and trust me, there will be more blue showing up soon!

Thanks to Rade, who took these photos of the works in progress with his fancy polarized camera filter! I believe my lovely mom has a camera waiting for me in Paris in the coming weekend. We will be spending the weekend there, if the strikes don’t delay or cancel our flights! I haven’t seen her since June, and I have never been to the French city of Love and large croissants. I shall be sure to listen to this in a effort to prepare.

On a large note of Grrrrr! I am still waiting for my wireless modem to arrive, and it’s getting me down. I can’t upload videos and i desperately want to investigate live streaming online… very fancy indeed, possibly more fancy than Rade’s camera(we shall see). I have waited 8 hours on various days and been into the delivery office of the horrid delivery people who don’t know how to deliver, and still no modem, argh! Crossing fingers for monday!!!


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