new cards wooo

Just had a whole bunch of new cards printed. My camera is on the blink still so I made a silly video to show you. You can see a bit of my street, and a corner of my terrace, aaaand my new cards, yay!

Hopefully I will be able to buy a new camera soon, I’m not so handy with the video recorder and it takes quite horrid pictures! I miss my camera!

I stamped the cards with my hanko, which is a Japanese signing stamp. I got mine when I was working in Japan, it has my name spelled on it in Katakana. I love to stamp with it, I think I need to invest in some more stamping things : – )

I had a whole bunch of different cards printed, and they will be included in any print purchase from my etsy shop, along with other paper goodies. Speaking of which, I have just printed out a new bunch of limited edition illustrations, in honour of the seasons changing, it has been very crisp and autumny here.


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