Chun Eun Sil, I want to paint like you!

I was introduced to the art of Chun Eun Sil via My Owl Barn, and have subsequently spent hours poring over all the tiny details in this talented clever-pants’ wonderful illustrations. It is quite incredible her usage of space in magical epic landscapes, with little creatures and large shadows and I have to say I am jealous of her imagination and certainly her painting skills. There appears to be little information on the artist behind these beautiful paintings online currently, it would be lovely to learn a little bit more about this elusive Korean artist.

You would imagine her canvases to be huge, however from these images off her website, her workspace seems quite compact and her artworks all neat sizes in the sunlight. Oh, Chun Eun Sil, I want to paint like you! Or if I cannot, at least to live in these wonderful watercolour worlds you create.

I’ll dive in the oceans and greet turtles and play xylophones with mermaids. Her narrative style is really inspiring.

So Miss Chun, if you’ll let me borrow your painting hand for the day, I’ll make friends with your foxes, and stroll in your whimsical forests.

You can see more here on her flickr.


2 thoughts on “Chun Eun Sil, I want to paint like you!

  1. I’ve been looking for posts as interesting as yours for a while. It is nice to know you can find quality on the web. I’ve bookmarked your blog and hope you will continue posting such intersting posts

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