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I have been on a bit of a moth kick lately. Drawing them, googling all the different kinds, oggling over moth insect collections and Victorian illustrations. I am starting to develop quite a fascination with their little hairy bodies and powder puff wings. I have been introduced to quite a few marvelous moths and have curated a bit of a selection here for drawing inspiration later. Enjoy!

This lovely pink lady above is called a Rosy Maple Moth, isn’t she a beauty. I definitely think she must be a girl, with all that colour matching, she has picked out the perfect outfit. And her pink leggings, just delightful!

This fancy moth is an Io Moth, he comes from North America and has some elegant eyespots which he probably uses to scare away birds who want to gobble him up, because no one wants to eat something with such big eyes.

Luna Moths like this one are probably my favourite, I like their trailing wings and their name suggests they are from outerspace. Being from the moon must be what gives them that wonderful colour.

Hello! Have a look at this lovely little moth. He’s a humming bird moth and has the ability to hover around all his favourite diners. He especially likes the nectar stand, which is normally cunningly styled like a flower bush. Who woulda thought?

Finally this frightful looking moth is named the Royal Walnut Moth, I love his spripey goodness, although he probably doesn’t taste very good! You can click on all the images for the original sources.


A little painting of moths, originally uploaded by KatsAsleep.

Here are some really bad photos (because my camera broke and now I’m using Milos video recorder to take pictures) of my moth inspired painting. I will scan it soon so you can see better details. I don’t know why, but I quite like this little painting. If I don’t end up putting it on my etsy shop, I may just find a nice frame for it and hang it in the new apartment.

The moths continue to invade my dreams and waking moments, look, I bought these cool as cucumber pens you can draw on porcelain with, then you can draw to your hearts delight in all the primary colours. Cover every porcelain object you can find! Finally you bake your mugs, saucers, toilet seats, anything really in your oven and wooo! You will be the next famous delft pottery painter, yes indeed! Mine is in the oven right as we speak, I hope it doesn’t break!

Rosy Maple Moth – Dryocampa rubicunda, originally uploaded by Lynette S..


6 thoughts on “Moth

  1. Ahh I feel like that sometimes, but I’ve come to, or rather I’m trying to come to realise that life is not a competition, and things must potter along at their own pace, besides, you haven’t been doing nothing, you even have a secret exhibition on the go! yay! congratulations!

  2. Not a competition so much as time lost. I feel like the white rabbit. So much to do so little time. (but then time is spent on silly thoughts like wishing I was doing something!)
    Thanks and congratulations for your shows too. Also, I never knew moths could look so amazing! I like the one with black on white ovals.


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