Wedding Book Wonder

It has been almost a year since my sister got married. Since then we have been working on putting a book together, and finally I have the pictures of the finished product! It was an awesome project to work on, even though it took so long to finish, mostly because we only worked on it in between other boring life and work stuff, you know that stuff that always creeps up on you when would rather be doing something fun! Well, here it finally is, Taa – Daaa!

The sister is super pleased with the way it turned out, and I have to say I am happy too, even though I haven’t seen it in real life. We had it printed at and I think I may use their service again to create a book with all my illustrations. Future project Alert!

Hah, just look at her, pleased as pie, watch out friends and neighbours, this woman is going to show you her book if you ever visit her house, whether you like it or not. No doubt about it!

I created a whole series of illustrations to compliment the look of her wedding and the style of the photographs which were taken by Kim Welsford. An African Vintage theme of sorts. So we combined things like teacups, keys and vintage scissors with African aloes, succulents and little sunbirds. Not all of them were used in the end, but the ones that were sure turned out cute!

I can’t wait to see the real thing when I next return to South Africa.


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