Drawing at Midnight

Is what I find myself doing quite frequently. Somehow I turn into a night owl, and blink in the afternoon sunlight as I wake up. Drawing in the twilight hour always seems to produce strange creatures and vistas from other worlds, which suits me fine.

And this kitty came from nowhere, sat in the doorway, peered inside and went away. A visitation of green and black.

Apparently dappled light is produced by the interlocking leaves in a tree creating a kind of pinhole camera for the sun, so in fact the dappled light you are seeing reflected on a surface is teeny tiny images of the sun itself, and sometimes you can actually see sunspots. Well that’s what I googled anyway, and you never know with the interwebs, could all be lies. But I do like the concept.

Finally I couldn’t help myself, totally inspired by the last post, I have been dabbling with ink and acrylic:

3 thoughts on “Drawing at Midnight

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