Winged Inspiration

Recently I came across the beautiful work of Derya Aksoy. She was born in Istanbul but now lives in Orange County. I think these two contrasting worlds must be the inspiration behind her beautiful, intricate and floaty necklaces. All created out of silk or organza transfers, cleverly cut out and layered, I am totally smitten.

I love how the patterns and scales of the butterfly, cicada and moth wings combine to create an almost new enchanting winged creature. One you can wear on your neck too! You can purchase her designs on or see her lovely photographs on her flickr. I cannot wait until she reopens her shop, I think I may have to buy everything in it. I would also love to buy single pieces to decorate a dress.

She has really been able to capture the delicate quality of the wings, this is truly one of those great moments in design when something so clever and simple comes together with a perfection that is first class. I’m really inspired by her creations, it just makes me want to sketch butterflies.

Oh and she’s a turkish coffee drinker! Yay! You can find her on facebook too.


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