On the jetty

A new illustration I have been working on today. I may add it to the shop next week. hmm what do you think? I like the monkey, monkeys are scary. Well for me anyway. One pulled my hair once and I didn’t like it one bit. This one is fishing for whale sharks.

What animals freak you out?

Also, if you have spotify, here is a link to a new playlist I made. Enjoy!


One thought on “On the jetty

  1. I love this picture! When I read your comment I thought I was going to see a monkey sitting on the edge of the jetty freaked out because he had a whale shark at the end of his line – which was your way of getting back at the monkey kingdom for pulling your hair – instead of which it is quite a peaceful scene with a really relaxed and quizzically interested look on the face of the girl, and the monkey, while not tame or subservient, is sharing a moment with the girl… love the hills in the background too…

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