Magpies and Pelicans and Owls

I have been suffering from some sort of creative drawers block the past few days which has been driving me mad. Everything I started got scrapped in the scribble stage which made smoke come out my ears, my cheeks turn red and my feet stomp while I went grr grr grrr! Today finally something happened. A drawing appeared. I have some little owl faces in the rain, and some magpies scritchy scratching for sparkles in the forest. I had never seen a magpie before I came to Barcelona, they are some cool birds.

Another version of the owls, I quite liked the negative too. The last two images are rework of older illustrations, both tests for printing as cards. What do you think?


5 thoughts on “Magpies and Pelicans and Owls

    • Oh thank you! He is such a cool beast, I would love to meet one one day! Yeah that show looks totally super, wish i could go, but alas I’m too far away, looks to be a killer line up!

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