Yesterday we took a guest on one of those tourist yachts out of the harbour of Barcelona. We floated over mountains of orange jellyfish into water that changed from murky turquoise to deep teal. I entertained the though of jumping overboard, as the water looked so inviting, but the orange stinging jelly puffers below kept these thoughts at bay. I imagined the catamaran would just use it’s motor to putter along the coast for the 1 and a half hour trip, but they actually unfurled (I love that word) the sails and we tacked across the bay, enjoying the afternoon light settling over Barcelona’s skyline.

Here are a few boat inspired images, if you live far from the sea.
A boaty bath. source

You can sleep in this this Boat bed, but I think it could also work as a couch. source

And a little boat for babes. source

added some images from the sailing trip (07/09/10)


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