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New Apartment

The last few days have been crazy mad. It is unfortunately our last month in the apartment I have called home for the last year, and so we have been on high apartment search alert. We have spent countless hours on the internet trawling for adverts, made many phonecalls and seen a squajillion apartments. I am a total pro apartment looker now. It has become a No, No!, no, no, no, yes! situation. Last week we found something suitable, not frikken AMAZing, Le sigh! But, it’ll do.

So now I have to think of ways to make it my own. We are still in the old apartment for the rest of September, so while i’m still here, I will take the opportunity to sit in the end of the summer sun on the balcony and think of fun creative ways to decorate. Here is some apartment inspiration. most of this was found via Pinterest, a fun little website with oodle kaboodles of inspiration.

I love love these bird houses.


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