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Polaroid Summer

I bought my Polaroid 600 camera when I was in Japan. Little did I know that just around the corner the original fat chunky Polaroid camera film as we know it would disappear! The company Petters Group Worldwide closed down the production in 2008 pretty much a year after I got my sticky paws on my own polaroid.

Every now and then you can find the 600 instant film floating about in shops, and trust me, you should should snap it up, that is if you own an old 600 camera. If you don’t, DO NOT touch it, I want it!

Now only a group called the impossible project makes instant film. I have a box of impossible project film in my camera at the moment, but I have to say that I am not impressed with the results. I may have to just go out and get a new camera with fuji compatible film or this, because there is nothing quite like the instant gratification of instant photos! But I will surely miss my ol’ polaroid :(

The photographs here are from the last few summery weeks. Some are from my last pack of polaroid ever, and the new sepia ones are the impossible film. The green one was taken by Ester and her camera, on my terrace!


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