The boy and the pangolin

I have been working on this illustration again, probably inspired by this as it reminded me of the starry reflection in the pool. I just had to continue it, especially as I have used a detail here in the journal, and since my camera has been on the blink, it’s been a good excuse to use the time to draw rather than take photos.

I have big plans for this illustration, in fact I’m hoping a whole series will emerge. I haven’t had much chance to illustrate for myself lately. I have been very busy with a project for MissYucki, which I think will turn out pretty super, but I have to keep it a little secret for now, as it’s still in baby fledgling stage. I am quite chuffed with the way the boy and the pangolin turned out, and it was nice and relaxing to be creating something again without being told what it must be or look like.


P.S thanks for all your names in the “hat”, I will be drawing a winner in two weeks, exciting stuff! You still have time to put your name down here if you like :)


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