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Print Give Away

Hello, hello! Tell your friends and Win Win Win, Yay!

It’s true, I will be giving away a Down the Rabbit Hole Print at the end of August. It will be printed on 300 gram Museum grade paper about approx A4 size. You want one? Leave a comment letting me know, along with your email address. I will be letting the winner know via email at the end of the month. This is the first give away I have done/ am doing, so I’m not sure exactly how it will work out, but hopefully a happy winner will open their mail next month and find this bunny inside.

The package will probably include all sorts of other goodies too :) So say hello people, you know I know you are out there!

54 thoughts on “Print Give Away

  1. There was a little bunny who lived in the wood,
    He wiggled his ears as a good bunny should.
    He hopped by a squirrel, He hopped by a tree.
    He hopped by a duck, And he hopped by me.
    He stared at the squirrel. He stared at the tree.
    He stared at the duck. But he made faces at me!

  2. Your art is soooo unique, so incredible!
    I would really love to win this print (if you would be willing to send it to Germany, that is) and my email adress is schneevante(at)

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  4. Kat ♥ Thanks for making such wonderful drawings!, See one of them is like entering a wonderland full of magic and fantasy !!!!, ♡ many of your works always remind me that part of my child’s heart which thanks to your pictures will never forget. ♡
    ♥ your number one fan!

  5. Kat,

    I would do pretty much anything to add this bunny to my bunny and robot collection.
    I will spread the K.Cameron love far and wide and will bake you cupcakes of unusual size in return (not sure how we will get them to you, but that’s a adventure for another time).

  6. Both me and my wife enjoy art music and poetry and for me it’s got an extra sparkle when mixed with fantasy and yes like most artist we love it when it’s free enjoy your life and revel in your creativity~worm

  7. Down, down, down……`I wonder if I shall fall right through the earth! How funny it’ll seem to come out among the people that walk with their heads downward! The Antipathies, I think–‘ (Alice)
    Kat u know I’m your biggest Fan!! Love all your stuff & this rabbit man!! Gotta have the print xxxxx (skype me @ sklarala)

  8. Golly – so many appeals that are so heart rending and so awesome! So here is my view: If you are going to pick someone other than me to win your bunny – and you have to remember that if it wasn’t for me (and your dad) you wouldn’t be here, and the bunny print would never have come into existence, and it is a reflection of the hours and hours (HOURS!!!) of reading books to you when you were little and so sweetly impressionable, and taking you for nature and fantasy walks and explorations, and providing you with crayons and paper and potatoes to make cut-outs and prints, and squeezing money out of nowhere to send you to art classes when I was a stay at home mom (I gather you have the picture that not only do you owe your whole existence to me, but your talents and treasures???) …. so if anybody DESERVES to win – ITS GOTTA BE ME!!!!! :) However….. because I am nice and fair, I will let you off the hook….. I like the “fary tails” person, and I would be biased in their direction!!!! Lotsalove mom


    I want it. You know you want it, and you know you wanna give it to me.

    O, and by the way, you rock. :D

    Hasta pronto.

  10. Hi Kat, I’m glad I found your site. Your art is beautiful, and I’d love to give this rabbit a home. If I win direct message my twitter account @snagglepink
    Thank you!

  11. Congrats on success! Alice in Wonderland was and still is my all time favourite animated film. That painting is beautiful, depicts pretty much the whole ordeal of alice and her adventures! Keep it up!

  12. Ahhhh, adorable bunny! Great art. I really love your style and I will definitely be following from now on. I would be honored to win but regardless I will have to own one of your prints in the future no matter how that comes about. Beautiful work. <3

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