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Kraal Baai & the West Coast National Park

We visited the West Coast National Park, particularly Kraal Baai, which forms part of the Langebaan Lagoon to go have a look at the Houseboats that are for rent there. Unfortunately, as lovely as they are, they didn’t really suit my intended purpose, however the boat is at the top of my list for a getaway weekend.

The Park itself has a windswept, stark beauty, and we almost had it to ourselves. We made friends with Ostriches, and Flamingos, Sea gulls and some little teeny tiny antelope. I was really hoping to spot a Bat Eared fox, but the area of the park where they live, is only open in August during the flowering season, when apparently the park is awash with flowering plants. A spectacular sight, which I understand brings in bus loads of tourists. Even though there were some flower covered dunes, I don’t think we experienced the full effect. Now is the time to go! Gosh and I was so keen to see a bat eared fox! I guess I will have to draw some to keep myself satisfied.


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