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As I have been going through my archives from the latest trip to Johannesburg, I came across a photograph of my sisters, that Milos had taken, while we were shopping for our engagement party. We were in China land or planet or world, near Bruma lake, which is stuffed full of all sorts of wonders and Asian weirdnesses. We were hoping to acquire a few choice pieces for my Sushi inspired party, and in fact came away with a wishing lantern to test.

How cute is that, we found these awesome telephones in different shapes, all covered in Diamanté sparkles, each of the girls has a different phone, but the “Lips” were voted the best. Megs you should buy one and put it next to your future buddah on the front entrance table heheh!

We tried to light the lantern when we got home, but the wind blew it into the neighbours tree and we had to wake them up to put out the fire! It would appear you need either A. a really big space without trees or B. not a whisper of wind. And even though we were on the tennis court, which I think fulfils category A. we were hampered by B. quite a bit. Anyway I really like the idea of the Chinese wishing lanterns and hope to have an occasion with no wind when I can do it again. The rest of the day was filled with more sisterly shopping and driving. I bought cactus(s) and fish bowls, found a newly hatched butterfly, and was pretty exhausted by the end!


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