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Behold! What Wizardry!

Say Hello to Team Zebra. This matching outfit thing being a psychic phenomena that neither Alba nor I can explain, but one which we both hold dear. I swear we didn’t call each other the night before to find out what the other was going to wear! Although that is something we still do, because all teams need pre meditative matching outfits, don’t you know! True fact people, and Team rule number 1!

We made arrangements to forage downtown Joburg, Alba needing some hippo fat and I a mere observer, although I did end up buying “Tokoloshe No.3” which no doubt will come in handy at some point in the future… Hmm where did I put it, come to think of it.

We went into a few Muti Shops and were pleasantly surprised that we were allowed to take photos, which turned into some incredible divining, and moments shared in a creepy little display hut alongside a wrinkly hadeda and a shrivelled baboon. Ahh the fun times will never end in the anthrax invested joy of muti shops.

Alba did some divining too, yep it’s what you do when confronted with strange creature bits.

A day well spent indeed. We finished it off with a wander around Newtown, and I purchased, among other things, a delightful printed cloth which features a Portuguese Jesus with a river coming out of him, he also has some sort of holy sparks which fly out of his hands, He is going to be turned into some mighty fine pillow cases. But I shall save that for another post entirely!

Yay for team MissYucki, it was so much fun to hang out with you Miss A, can’t wait for the next time.


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