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Look what I made Mom!

Milos and I drove to the summit of Montjuic, the mini mountain that overlooks the port of Barcelona. It’s home to the castle and about a bazillion fig trees, the odd prickly pear and a great view over the clanking fields of containers in the harbour. The figs were all green, and so I thought I’d try to make some green fig preserve! I’ve never made any kind of preserve or pickle or jam, but my mom makes marmalade, and preserves and musli and all sorts of other stuff, so I figure I may have inherited some sort of bottling genes :)

I googled recipes for Green fig preserve, and found one Afrikaans recipe which sounded good, except that it used some ingredient that I didnt think I would find in Spain in a million years, so I kept searching and eventually came across a simple recipe.

Green Fig Preserve

Cut the green figs, chopping off the tips and bottoms, wash thoroughly, place in a pot and cover with water. Boil the figs for 15 minutes, and scrape off any froth that forms on the water. Repeat this process 4 times, rinsing the figs each time between boilings.

In the pot, add 3 cups of water, and 3 cups of sugar a teaspoon of lemon-juice, and a peel of grapefruit. (I used an orange). I also add a touch of vanilla and some cinnamon sticks. Boil for 10 minutes. Then add the figs and boil again for 10 minutes, skimming froth as you go.

Cover and leave overnight, boil for another ten minutes in the morning. Scoop out all the peels and cinnamon. Wait until cool and then bottle in sterilized jars. I added a cube of ginger to each jar.

Today we tasted the figs for the first time with toast and goats cheese. I was a bit nervous, and although they are definitely edible (we haven’t died yet) I can’t say I love them. Milos seems to like them, but I remember fig preserve tasting different. I think I will try again with a different recipe… Anyone know any good ones?


7 thoughts on “Look what I made Mom!

  1. OH my goodness – hobbit houses and green fig preserve – these genes are mighty strong and I can trace them back to your great-grandmother: I can just see her sitting sweetly on her little gloriously coloured cloud, picking away at her mandolin (which she taught herself to play) thinking “these genes gonna do it someday!” Your cousin once removed (Peter Hall) is realising the sculpting genes, and I think she is watching the progress of your art with grand interest… and now you are adding preserving!!
    She was outstanding at this: once made a whole scene of Cinderella going to the ball – coach, horses and all, sculpted out of crystallised fruit peel she had made – won her a gold medal at the Lowveld Agricultural Show! I will send you my recipe for green fig preserve from my SJA De Villiers South African cookery book. But just to say, yours looked pretty good!!!!!!!!!!!

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