Where I want to live

A plan I have had for some time, is to live in the Transkei, a small, almost secret paradise on the coast of South Africa, in a hobbit hole inspired house. The Transkei has the perfect landscape for a house of the Hobbit sort, with rolling grassy knolls overlooking the sea. I like the idea of working with the landscape, rather than building on top of it. A secret hideaway, in a hidden away place.

Recently I came across a weblog online called Lace and Tea with a fantastic architecture and décor section, and lo and behold, a hobbit house of my dreams appeared before my eyes. Now all I have to do is steal the design and somehow transplant it in the Transkei, no easy task, as I believe you are not allowed to buy land there currently. *Sigh!* Below are a few more images from Lace and Tea, I suggest you pop over there and have a closer peek.


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