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Cookie Crumble Yum

We went whale watching in Hermanus which is about a 40 minute drive from Betty’s bay, where we were staying with my aunt and gran. There is the whale crier, he has a big tube of kelp seaweed fashioned into a kind of vuvuzela trumpet thing. It must be quite salty. He blows on that to let everyone know where the whales are.

We were able to see the whales up pretty close at first, but they swam away quickly and weren’t very co-operative, you would think they would be jumping and frolicking, and waving flippers about for us, but nooo. (You can kind of see a whale nose in the top left of the photo above) They are quite huge! I don’t think I would be too comfortable in or on the water with them nearby!

After spying on the whales and whale babies we went up the mountain behind Hermanus for a picnic, and unbeknownst to us, my aunt had baked giant ginger cookies with cute messages on them in lemon icing to celebrate our engagement. I love ginger biscuits so I had pretty much eaten the whole thing before I thought to take a photo of it! They were uber yummy!


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