Zombie Summer

A little while ago I was asked to illustrate an article for the Barcelona Metropolitan Magazine on how the locals can escape the heat and the tourists during August. August is Spain’s vacation month, many stores shut their persianas and lock up during the heat while, I presume, the owners relax somewhere else. But what happens if you are in Barcelona during August? Where can you grab a cup of coffee, if your local cafe is closed, and how do you cool off if you don’t want to fight for beach towel space on the tourist crowded beaches. Hah, well since I read the article, i know, but it’s a secret until the August mag comes out! :D

If you are in Barcelona, you can pick up a copy of the issue and find out all the answers. My summer plans fell through, so I will be in Barca during the holiday, but I plan to spend it sunbathing on my terrace and sipping chilled wine with friends! Also hopefully I can squeeze in some snorkelling up the coast. After being very chilly in SA, I’m quite looking forward to sizzling for a bit in the Spanish sun.

The art director of the BM and I workshopped the ideas for the illustration. We wanted to show the locals escaping the hordes in the old city, and a feeling of suffocation and stress from not having anything open and being too hot. I can’t imagine anything worse than traipsing through the heat from closed cafe to closed cafe before work! So we came up with a moviesque theme, incorporating a western style image with the sun beating down and pigeons as vultures, all the signs enclosing the poor local, and a zombie horde of tourists encircling the reader.

It was pretty fun to draw, all the infested zombies, with their cameras and sombreros. I’ll photograph a copy later, when I am in Barcelona, and post it, so you can see what the whole article looks like.


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