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Birds and Breakfasts

Before we left to Cape Town, we went for a lovely breakfast at the very pink Westcliff Hotel, which overlooks Johannesburg city. It was super yummy, but my eggs were too runny, and I just cannot stomach runny eggs, yuck yuck! I had to ignore them, and enjoy the rest of the delectable titbits, and the morning sunshine beaming through the hotel.

Its such a pity about those poor little eggs, I so want to stuff my face with them, and if I try it’s not a pretty sight. I envy people who can eat eggs benedict or sunnyside up eggs.

Afterwards we went off to the bird park at Monte Casino all the way at the end of the world in Fourways. Monte Casino was responsible for my distrust of all the old buildings in Spain. I swear it took me about 3 or 4 months to appreciate them for the real deal that they are, ancient textures and gargoyles. You see Monte Casino is a faux Italian village of sorts, with very fake texture, stuffed storks, and even dangling washing from the windows of the shops. It’s an odd odd place indeed. However the bird gardens outside are quite wonderful, and worth the trip to the other other side of Joburg.

We fed the parrots, and attended the bird demonstration, where I got to see some lovely owls. In fact after that we found out how it would be possible to install an owl nesting box in the garden, so that may be something we look into in the near future.


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