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A Spot of Croquet

cool kids

cookie time

This past weekend we arrived back from Cape Town and then found ourselves in a flurry of activity preparing for our engagement party. My sisters helped me with decorations, which included Chinese lanterns, Japanese origami cranes, tiny succulents, aloes and goldfish. Quite a crazy conglomeration of things, but together I think it worked out pretty well. The idea stemmed from my wish to have an African Zen sushi party, but along the way all my over complicated ideas simplified and somehow it turned into an afternoon of cakes, croquet, and sushi snacks later on. One of the reasons for this was the weather, which has been quite icy in the evenings. So we sipped on spicy Chai and more spicy Gluhwein, swung croquet mallets, and shared in good conversation and food. It was a fun filled afternoon. And I want to play croquet again this weekend!



One of the best moments of the party came later on when my sister Meg handed out little fortune cookies to go with the toasts. I had bought a large packet of them, and I wondered why she was handing them out, as I had planned to give them to guests after dinner, anyway, I wasn’t too fussed, but when we cracked them open I was extra surprised to find personalised fortunes inside, with the sweetest messages, and a congratulations kath and milo note. For a few seconds I didn’t understand how it was possible that the fortune cookies I had bought in China town could have had these messages! Hah! Perhaps I had had too much spiced wine! Anyway it was a super surprise!

lanterns overhead


alba style

Alba had the best outfit, completely adorned with fish, as she had known about the goldfish for quite sometime. She was extra proficient swinging her croquet mallet, and I think the fact that she matched the balls so well may have given her extra croqueting luck!

me hitting the ball



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