Feral Kid

Staying with the fantasy theme this week, I draw your attention to João Ruas, a mighty clever Brazilian, who certainly knows how to hold his pencil and dip his paintbrush. I am pretty much in awe of his work, and wish my drawings came out like his, but try as I might they don’t and I suppose that’s ok. I shall learn to live with my disability and instead lose myself in his luminous artwork until I begin to drool. Then I will eat a ginger biscuit and feel better.

His alias Feral Kid is attributed to (in his own words, I presume) being left alone at an early age “with crayons and papers for a few hours every day, developing an unusual feral behaviour which only got worse through the years.”

Just as well I say, because this feralness has led to an unusual talent, which we can appreciate and purchase on his website. Again, as with Frazetta, I am drawn to his colour usage as well as his line work; the strong and contrasting soft tones, with the perfectly placed highlights, just make his work stand out for me. On a side note I am particularly interested in his skull piece entitled “Enkidu and Gilgamesh”, as I have been mesmerized by the first book by Zecharia Stichin, where he talks about the stories of these characters. Has anyone else thoughts on his books? Anyway I shall let his work speak for itself, do visit his website.


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