Frank Frazetta

Now here is an artist I can appreciate, just look at these luscious ladies, fat bottomed, big boobied, cellulite and all, and sexy as hell! Welcome to the world of Frank Frazetta. Being a fantasy and science fiction fan, I cannot help but fall in love with these vixens half naked dripping out of dank, mysterious forests and fondling creatures with big teeth. Yes! It’s just so deliciously cheesy and riddled with 70’s Playboy style, but wouldn’t you just love to be one of these dagger toting women?

Yes I want leopard pets on leashes and little fur bikinis, but most of all I would love to sashay through swamps the light glowing off my steaming skin and not give a damn about my big bum or hips, “So there!” I say to Fashion TV models, you aren’t half as sexy as these wild women of Tarzan and King Kong fame, Oh No! Not in a million years! And they can probably kick some serious ass, and when they don’t some hulk with huge muscles is bound to come and rescue them, stabbing pythons and swinging down from tree tops, blasting black magic from his spaceship, and of course they will live happily ever after on the moon.

Mr Frazetta himself had an interesting career, he was enrolled in art school at age 8, began drawing comics at age 16, but was eventually recognised for his movie posters. Now his art work is snapped up all over the world for thousands of dollars, le sigh! I’ll probably have to scratch the thought of owning one of his paintings off my wish list and buy a book instead. At least then I can get my sticky fingers over more of his sorceresses and witches than I would from one painting alone.

I love his sense of colour and the dramatic lighting he uses to illuminate his subjects. Something about it just widens your imagination as to what lies beyong the edges of the image. I love how he has combined his unique style to produce something that lets the mind move between the reality of the illustration and the fantasy of the world he portrays. The line blurs and the fantasy becomes something real, and snaps back again to where you can appreciate the crazyness of the image alone and the talent it took to create it.

Mr Frazetta, sadly died this year in May, and so this tribute is a tad late, but I am still glad that at this date I can still enjoy an icon of the fantasy art genre. His artwork still graces contemporary book covers as well as music albums, and so he lives on through his work and his art has not been relegated to a dusty shelf on your weird bachelor uncle’s den shelf :)


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