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A trip forseen


Today I will be flying to Cape Town to visit my granny and my aunt in Betty’s bay, as well as hopefully catching up with a few friends in Cape Town. Milos has tickets to one of the quarter final matches of the World cup, so I have plenty of time for a glass of wine with old friends, yay! I will be going to check out Salon 91, and pick up some MissYucki prints, and am also planning a trip to the aquarium. I love me some aquariums and have visited aquariums in Japan, Thailand, Spain and who knows where else.


These photos were taken in Japan at my favourite Aquarium called the Aquamarine Fukushima. It is a stunning facility and I was so impressed with all the details that went into the displays, all the tanks were like fish Ikebana, the plants and corals colour co-ordinated with the tropical fish. There was also one amazing display of a tidepool, with tonnes of tiny puffer fish. So cool! Another beautiful, clever and simple display was an inset wall, where you were able to look through a hole into a kaleidoscope created using a tank filled with jellyfish and mirrors. Something that would be so lovely in a bar or your home if you had a false wall, you could just have a tank filled with goldfish if you weren´t lucky enough to have a bucket full of jellyfish in your hands!

Kaleidoscope Jellyfish

Anyway, I am looking forward to the trip, especially hanging out in the sunroom watching the birds, drinking tea and eating ginger biscuits with my gran! yay!

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