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Up in the Air

We were treated by Milos’ mum to a surprise engagement flight on Sunday last week. I have to admit I was a little terrified that the surprise would be skydiving when we pulled the car into the Rand Airport. I hate jumping off of high things. I have done jumps of 10 meters or so when I was in School, and I can tell you it was not a fun experience, more excruciating. So my heart was thumping.


Luckily it turned out that we were going to be flown to Parys for breakfast. This is a little town about 2 hours drive out of Johannesburg. It took us about 40 minutes to fly there, and we had great views of the winter dry highveld. It was unfortunately a bit hazy so we couldn’t see too far, but it was ever so fun to see cows wandering around on fields and to fly over the sparkling vaal river. The plane did not fly too high so we could see the ground the whole way.


Milos was able to fly the plane a bit, which was quite scary and bumpy but also pretty awesome at the same time. I’m pleased to report we survived, and now I think Milos wants to save up lots of money to attend flying school!


We got to wear earphones with mics to talk to each other, so Robbert the pilot exaplined how the plane worked and what we were seeing. The whole experience was pretty cool, and I have to thank my future mom-in-law for thinking of organising such an usual present to celebrate our engagement!


On the way back we flew past downtown Joburg, over Goldreef City and Soccer City. You can see how hazy it is, it hasn’t rained in a while and there is so much smoke and dust in the air, with everyone having fires because of the cold.



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