Owl Oggling


Ok so I have to admit a soft spot for owls, yes. They have big blinky eyes, they can fly ever so silently on specially designed fluffy feathers, they are like night flying ninjas. I went to the bird show at the Montecasino Gardens the other day and found out that owls are not so smart as they would have you believe. This is because their eyes are so big, they take up most of their heads, and there is not too much space left for brains, tee hee. Well I like a silly owl or a smart owl, pretty much any kind. I have an “Owls of the World” book which I hauled off the shelf last night, blew off the dust and cracked open in bed. I used to peruse this book all the time when I was little, and I still enjoy all the beautiful illustrations.



I have a huge collection of owl illustrations which I find on forays into the interwebs. I love all the different illustration styles, they are hugely inspiring. I like how everyone seems to capture something different with a similar subject. Here are few, do you have any favourite owl illustrations up your sleeves? Do share them!

Edward Kwong

Kareen Zerefos

Chris Buzelli

Teagan White

Timothy Banks


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