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Feathered Friends

scratch scritch

Arrival in Johannesburg found me impressed and inspired by the world cup vibe. The streets are festooned with the flags of the competing nations, and the festival spirit is palpable in the air. I find myself in quite a different Johannesburg than the one I left, and I must say I like it! My time has been packed with family lunches and dinners, football matches, and friendly conversation. Listening to people on buses on the way to games all decked out in team gear, blowing on vuvuzelas, and babbling in a hundred different languages has been an experience I will never forget, it’s exciting and I’m happy to experience South Africa welcoming the world to it’s corner of Africa. The general sentiment of all South Africans seems to be a very proud one, and I cannot help but share it.

However, this post is of a different nature, excuse the pun! I was lucky enough to jet off to the Kruger National Park for a few days after I arrived in Johannesburg courtesy of my almost mom-in-law. So I spent the weekend blissfully enjoying the Bush and revelling in wild Africa with Milos, his sister Mimi and her boyfriend Juan. The four of us had a great time spotting animals, birds, bugs, and I had a tremendous time with my sisters camera which has a fancy lens that can zoom in on dust particles from a billion meters away.


I particularly had fun photographing birds. There are just so many in SA, and they are all so unique, colourful and and blah blah, you get the picture. I feel the photos speak louder than I can type, so here are a few feathered creatures which were very patient with me, and allowed me to snap away at them while they posed.





turtle doves


sipping on aloes

owl stare


7 thoughts on “Feathered Friends

  1. They’re beautiful!!! All of them! But my very favourite photo is the one of the two mysterious black collared individuals…who are they?
    Happy adventures Kat and lots more photos I hope! to delight us and for your visual library…
    I can already see some of them in your illustrations

  2. Those doves are lovely aren’t they. The photo has such mood, its funny because they were running away from me while I was trying to photograph them, but the movement actually created a blur which has such a lovely effect. I think some of these will most definitely feature in future illustrations!

  3. I really like the 3rd bird from the end; do you know what it is? I’m always admiring the colourful birds in Kenya but have no idea what they are called. Just the ‘tiny blue one’ and the ‘red one’ etc

  4. That one is a Lilac Breasted Roller. Quite a fancy name hey! You should buy a kenyan bird book, im sure many of the birds are the same, its fun to identify them!

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