Insect Dreams and Circus Hounds

Two illustrations. One, a girl asleep, her quilt patterned out of insects, which I’m sure inspire her to dream of forest glades, wings and sunlight. The insects were painted in ink, which I have been having a lot of fun with lately. I love how ink dries, with darker edges, and how when two colours merge they make clouds of swirls.

dream of insects

The rest of the illustration is digital painting. I may still tweak the colours a bit, but I will let this sit for a while, so I can think about it with a fresh mind later.

circus hound

The second is of “Jackson” the circus hound. He was a commissioned doggy portrait. I also used a combination of digital painting and acrylic and ink to create him. Doesn’t he have character. And he looks so silky and smooth.

circus hound

He is a border collie cross. Perhaps I will get to meet him.


3 thoughts on “Insect Dreams and Circus Hounds

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