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Airplane to Africa

Well the time has come, tomorrow I will be seated in an aeroplane, holding on for dear life as we take off from Barcelona, drift down into Zurich and wake up in Johannesburg.

mountains over switzerland

telkom tower

Writing my adventures may take a little while and won’t be as frequent, until I get back. I will be travelling to the Kruger National Park – I cannot wait! You can read about the last time I went there HERE And I will be visiting my granny in Cape Town for a whole week. I am hoping to catch up with my CT buddies, visit the aquarium, enjoy the mountain, and like, be, lank, rad, shuwow for a bit while I sip on my Rooibos. Bliss! Cape Town is beautiful, and I’m really happy I will be down there during World Cup mayhem! It may be a bit chilly though, winter means rain in el Ciudad del Cabo, and we all know how fond I am of rain. Last time is was stunning, so hopefully the sun will be out for me!

In Joburg I will be attending some of the football matches, in fact the first one is on the day I land. I’m also looking forward to being home with the siblings, although our initial joy may only last a week. We have not all been together in the same house for quite some time. It should be fun and manic!


I will get to hang out with my delicious kitty and some very special friends. We will also be celebrating my engagement, which is pretty exciting and scary at the same time.

to the beach!

I will also be (hopefully) picking up some of the cards I have been working on for the past little while. I’ll be sure to post about them when I see them. oh yes!


swim with the fishies at night

Well its Adieu, Adios, Goodbye.


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