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Pixies for Primavera


A few weekends ago, I went to Primavera Sound, a spanish music festival here in Barcelona. I had been looking forward to it for some time as one of my all time favourite bands was going to be performing: Pixies! All their songs bring back memories of when I was a school girl, and especially escapades with my cousin. We loved their music. I still do. I was pretty devastated when I found out that the band had split up, as it had been a huge teenage dream to see them live, heck I wanted my future husband to walk down the aisle on our wedding day to “Here comes your man”. Hahah. I was so thrilled when they got back together, I was in Japan at the time, and I just missed their performance in Tokyo (I was gallivanting in Thailand) and then after that every now and then I grew envious as I heard of friends who had seen them live in various far flung corners of the world. Finally my turn came!


You can imagine my delight when I saw they were included on the line up for this years Primavera! Freak out! I’m completely broke at the moment, but I managed to scrape together enough cash to buy a ticket. The day drew near, then finally dawned, and we found ourselves in the queue to get in.


The venue was the Parc del Forum, which is a strange modern park right on the waterfront near the river that separates Barcelona from Badalona. Odd angles of glass, metal and concrete spear triangles of grass and frame views of the ocean. There were a number of stages dotted around, down paths and on hills, and I have to say I prefer it to Sonar Festivals’ concrete bunkers. To have a view of the ocean and a patch of grass to sit on was a welcome relief. It also added to the festival vibe.


The actual music selection was not really my cup of tea, I suppose technically I was only there for the Pixies and I would have paid the same amount to see just them, so every other band was a bonus. I enjoyed Coco Rosie, and their incredibly strange video projections of morphing faces, and I was very sorry to miss Beach House. The organisation of the line up was a bit off, and you ended up having to march in a huge crowd to all the different stages, with many of the better bands overlapping, this proved to be a bit tricky, and so I found myself in the midst of a crowd stuck halfway between the end of Coco Rosie’s set and the middle of Beach House’s. By the time I managed to get to the stage they were playing at, they had finished and again I was stuck in the middle of a huge sea of people going the other way.

primavera sound

primavera sound

We took in a couple of no-name bands, and stuffed our faces with Churros, drank expensive beer and then staked out our little dusty spot of turf on the hill overlooking the stage where the Pixies were due to perform. I don’t even remember what song they opened with, I was so excited, but they played stuff from every album, a perfect selection, including Isla de Encanta, which the Spanish crowd knew off by heart. I surprised myself by remembering pretty much all the lyrics to every song. The set was tight, with few hiccups, and the songs were belted out with feeling and heart, even though Frank Black and his team are older and dare I say, fatter? I mean, come on, I would never be able to sing or perform for so long with so much energy, so I really do not understand all the criticism. Old and fat rocks, hey I should know :)

A snippet of really grainy, bad sound quality video to prove I was there. Hehe.

It was a brilliant concert, and I don’t think anyone could really understand except for perhaps my cousin Sue. Wish you were there with me babe!


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