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Proudly South African

I have been getting into the spirit of the world cup lately. Last night was the opening concert, which was fun, I streamed it online, as I’m still in Barcelona, counting down the days until I fly to South Africa next week. It was great to see all the crowds waving flags, and the general enjoyment. It was also brilliant to experience it blow by blow via facebook with all my South African buddies. Boy the internet has changed the world in so many amazing ways. Today was the official opening ceremony, the stadium looks amazing. Really SA, you make me proud. The ceremony was opened by a Sangoma. I’m not sure if he was real or just an artist but it was cool anyway. oh yes! I loved his headdress, all spikey, made out of porcupine quills.

I especially enjoyed the large Dung beetle that pushed a huge soccer ball around the stadium, and the calabash that mimicked the stadiums architecture. All in all it was a great show, and the perfect way to kick off the first match between South Africa and Mexico, which was a real nailbiter! I screamed my head off, and now my throat hurts! The match ended in a draw, but SA played well, with lots of extremely close close calls. Well done SA!

The photos were nicked off the Associated Press website, go and see more!


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