Creatures found on a Friday

Say hello to Walton Ford, famous for painting in a John James Audubon style, he creates meticulous and stunning watercolours of animals. Each painting, which appears to be a natural history study on the surface, is filled with hidden meanings and critiques on modern life and man’s effect on the environment. I wonder what he would have to say about the BP oil disaster!

His watercolours are certainly beautiful, and I love the strange, mysterious juxtaposition of the animals. I wish I had known about him while I was at art school! His birds are just super! The photograph above was snapped at the Brooklyn Museum.

You can buy a book by Ford called Pancha Tantra published by Taschen, I believe there are only limited numbers printed and each one signed by the artist. Man, I would LOVE to get my sticky paws on a copy of this book.

“This large-format limited edition includes an in-depth exploration of Walton Ford’s oeuvre, a complete biography, and excerpts from his textual inspirations: Vietnamese folktales and the letters of Benjamin Franklin, the Autobiography of Benvenuto Cellini and Audubon’s Ornithological Biography.”

Staying with the creatures, I also came across Donna Solovei, unfortunately her website does not have too much information on her and is a bit confusing, but her animal drawings (found on facebook) speak for themselves.


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