Red Coats and Rainbow Glasses

My final piece for the Sweet Streets 2 Exhibition was influenced by 2 photographs from, one of a gorgeous girl in a red coat, she is just the cutest thing, have a peek at the photos below. I especially liked her as she reminded me of Little Red Riding Hood. I’m particularly fascinated by fairy tales and illustrated narratives, so this photograph really grabbed me.

The second photograph was one of a girl in a yellow raincoat and rainbow sunglasses, how rad are those glasses. Man, I want a pair! So I fashioned a combination illustration with them and the red coat, and “ta daa!” Below is the colour palette for “Red Coat”, I mixed it up next to some preliminary sketches, I like the rainbow of inks, makes me happy, as does this project, which has transported me right back to one of my favourite cities on earth: Tokyo.

My three illustrations are all quite different, I’ve used digital painting, pencil, and acrylic and ink. I think that I still need to work on my digital painting a bit more. In my artists proof print, the colours were a bit weird, she looks a bit like she has been sunburned. You can see the framed artists proof below, once I’ve corrected the colours and made a few last minute changes, I will be sending these three off to America. I probably have to send them next week as on the 17th I will be arriving in South Africa. yippeee.


3 thoughts on “Red Coats and Rainbow Glasses

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