Do you remember the little ceramic sculptures I likened to small creepy furry grannies, at the SWAB art fair? Well these funny little sculptures keep turning up where ever I go it would seem. Perhaps they are trying to tell me something. A secret message, a coded communiqué.

little creatures

On a wander around the old jewish quarter in the Gothic, I came across this jewellery shop of amazingness. Grandly named “La Basilica Galeria” it had cabinets and cabinets stacked full of jewels and trinkets and curioser and curioser curiosities. The window display held a full on plastic cockroach tiered necklace and deeper in the shop I found lapiz and gold creatures with antlers and sparkling eyes. In the far corner a little cupboard held some more of the curious ceramic creatures… “oh” I said, “I know these”

Later as I was browsing through an edition of La Mono, a publication with snippets on artists, designers, illustrators and fashionistas. You know the kind, a cool kid revista. It took me ages to read – all in Spanish you see, but read it I did, because who did I find within its pages, but the ceramic creatures!

It turns out that they are made by Laura Lasheras Moreno. She was born in Calahorra in La Rioja, and it was here that she began to play with plasticine, the beginnings of her journey into the world of ceramics and modelling. She studied Ceramics at an art school in Zaragoza where one day she broke her hand, thus the left handed Lusesita began to model figures with her right hand, and finally the beginnings of her odd creatures were born.

She also makes fantastical cups and teathings for munching or drinking out of, and as the author of the interview in La Mono noted, they want to grab you and fasten themselves to your body with their little tentacle armthings. They are quite charming and I believe I may have to pop into her studio for a visit, and possibly procure myself one of her creations.

You can find more on Lusesita on her website or you can visit her at her studio space near the Santa Carolina Market in Born, Barcelona on Carrer Semoleres number 4.

You can read the whole interview in La Mono Magazine online here.


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