The Huntress and the Pangolin

I have been working on a little collection of stories. I would love to compile them into a book one day, so hopefully that’s where this is going. I haven’t had much time for drawing lately, but often I find a random doodle will turn into a great idea. This is the case with the pangolin. He just popped out in a few hours, and has ignited my imagination and my fingers are twitching to get back into drawing his story.

pangolin detail

This is only a sneak peak as the final illustration is not finished. I will also scan in the storyboard for fun later… and hopefully document the process.

I have also just added a new print to my shop.

flat out

On a wild hunt, these two are, flat out, through the trees. Her orange gold locks blitz through the leaves as her spotted friend stretches his paws in flight. I have titled the piece Artemis, after the Huntress. I like all the weird distorted shapes, the cheetah looks as if he is flying not running. You can buy this limited edition Kat Cameron illustration here. Thanks for looking :)

cheetah detail


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