MicroVisions 5

Today is the Microvision 5 Auction. If you are a fan of fantasy illustration and art, then perhaps you will be familiar with the amazing artists in this auction. Irene Gallo and Dan Dos Santos curate the auction whose proceeds go to help future illustrators through the Society of Illustrators student scholarship fund. They asked about a dozen artists to create mini paintings, and the artists have not let them down.

Rick Berry MicroVisions

The artwork on the auction is beautiful, I only wish I had the dollars to make a bid, let alone win one! But if you do, or if you just inherited a treasure chest of gold from your granny, or won the lottery, or made a pile of cash on an internet scam, I would urge you to spend your hard earned cash on one of these beauties. Then you can hang it above your fireplace and know that you are cool!

Go now and bid… and if you can’t afford to own one of these works, at least visit the artists website and ooh and aah over the incredible craftsmanship, imagination, forms, and creatures that live in their paintings…

Links you should have a look at:
Bill Carman
Lines and Colors
Irene Gallo
Dan Dos Santos
Omar Rayyan

This year’s participating artists include Scott Altmann, Scott Bakal, Rick Berry, Bill Carman, Jon Foster, Donato Giancola, Michael Kaluta, Tim O’Brien, Omar Rayyan, Allen Williams, and Boris Vallejo

Right, after this overload of inspiration, I’m off to the beach to sketch up a storm, because if I look at one more fantastic artwork by one of these illustrators I may explode and never draw again!


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