Cross Section Illustration

I have a thing for being able to see under, or above, or inside. Especially water, which could explain my love of snorkelling. I guess there is a mystery in not being able to see hidden things underwater or underground. They are secret worlds which we don’t encounter on a daily basis. And I have a thing for secret worlds too. I like to imagine and describe secret worlds, and often just before I fall asleep I still find myself plotting out my fantasy island or imaginary tree house. I think this may also explain my penchant for fantasy novels or movies, The Lord of the Rings, and my favourite “The wheel of time” series by Robert Jordan just allow me to drift off into another dimension. Call it escapism, whatever, I like it, and in my own little way I like to draw it. I’m hoping one day to compile a whole book of secret world drawings, and here are some that I have been working on.


The White rabbit dives down his hole, some people have mentioned that this reminds them of Watership Down, I recall that when I was drawing it, I was imagining that he was escaping something, perhaps a forest fire. I liked how he leaped down his hole, the pebbles and rocks blurring.

lolita closeup

This lolita was inspired by the Everglades. The landscape is so creepy, it just makes you wonder what lurks below.

lolita in the swamp


This picture has gone through a number of changes, and I’m still not sure if it sits right. i do like the gold fish however!


siamese fighters

The Siamese Fighters say hello as they pass each other in their underwater world.

floating over honey coral

Floating over Honey Coral…. of course reminiscent of holidays spent doing just this! The crystal clear water that i have seen in places like the Philippines totally inspired this drawing. I love how you can often see right through the water. When I was in Okinawa I saw a lion fish through the water while I was walking along the shore!

ophelia 2

Finally here is my Ophelia, floating along, almost like a crocodile.

You can find many of these illustrations in my shop. I’m selling limited edition Kat Cameron prints on etsy… check it out by clicking on the shop button on the left!


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