Swab Art Fair 2010


I went to check out Swab on the weekend. It was pretty interesting, but I wasn’t blown away. Especially considering the 10 Euro entrance fee. I felt some of the displays were pretty sloppy, with names of artists vaguely scribbled on walls.

However some of the work on display was really cool. Some of the displays that stuck out were by 3 Punts Barcelona, Cream contemporary from Berlin, and Iguapop, who really went all out with their stand. I was quite amazed that some of the galleries hadn’t seemed to have spent any time on their displays. Iguapop was really the only gallery that did something interesting with the space they displayed their collection in. Of course perhaps it was easier for them, being a Barcelona based gallery…

There was some sort of competition running, but I wasn’t sure what it was for, there didn’t seem to be much info, we received a map at the entrance but that was about it… I didn’t ask for more, so it’s a mystery, however the judges did seem to favour black and white ink drawing, I wonder if that’s the new thing? :)

The winner was Andrea Canepa, who had some great ink drawings, and if I understood, an amazing projection house.

House projection

I did a work very similar to this, waaay back in art school, hers is much more professional, but it sure did bring back memories! You can see Milos and I in one of house’s rooms, which is made possible by the camera mounted on the roof. A very clever way to literally involve the viewer in the artwork.

Andrea Canepa

I also enjoyed Samuel Salcedo’s heads, which created part of Gallery 3 Punts display. I will have to go and check out the gallery in real life, which I gather is somewhere here in Barcelona.

Samuel Salcedo heads

I loved this basin filled with heads, just like fruit, I wonder if the heads underneath have faces too :) They were quite creepy!

Samuel Salcedo heads

little creatures

How great are these little creatures, but terrible me, I forgot who made them, booo… very cute they are though, the furry outfits and funny noses, they remind me of little grannies!

shadow painting

This work was created by shadows made from pieces of cut plastic. Clever, and intriguing. Here are some more shots from the event. Check it out if you are in town, and have a spare 10 Euros in your pocket…. or you could just buy 4 icecreams, your choice!







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