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yummy breakfast

I went on a lovely bike ride with Milos on Sunday. The weather was perfect, and we spent a great day on the slopes of Montjuic, visiting the small Botanical Garden and enjoying the views over Barcelona. The last time I was up on this side of Montjuic was when I first arrived in Barcelona. The gardens were closed then, I can’t believe it has taken almost 2 years to get back here! We started off the day with a yummy breakfast. I made tomato halves covered in cheese, serrano ham and baby marrows, yum yum…. then grabbed 2 bikes from the bicing stop in Plaza Vireina around the corner. Bicing is great when you are not in a rush! But usually Plaza Vireina never has bikes as everyone has the same idea as me, that is, riding downhill! This means that there are never Bikes uphill, as they have all be taken downhill, and downhill, all the stations are full! However we arrived just in time, as the Bicing Bike van was there dropping off brand new bikes, woooo!

hello seagull


grabbing beams of light

looking over barcelona

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